Blue Heron RecordsBlue Heron Records Ltd. will be taking advantage of the new technologies and possibilities available today within the music industry both online and offline in order to gain a share of the world recorded music market and with the goal of creating a legacy of our American art form: jazz.

We will be producing, distributing and promoting extremely high quality recorded products of the finest mainstream and Latin jazz, which will be delivered in the form of Compact Discs, DVDs and Internet Digital Downloads worldwide. As an independent record label, we will have the advantage of owning the rights to our music, including copyrights and related licenses.

As we develop, Blue Heron Records plans to generate additional revenue through the promotion and production of high quality live music presentations. This practice will assist us to promote our artists and assist in creating additional revenue and allow profitability in a shorter time period, as we cultivate the growth of our artist catalogue.


Blue Heron Records employs the principle of “Artistic Integrity First” by encouraging our recording artists to take part in decisions that directly affect the outcome of their projects. This freedom of artistic expression will undoubtedly facilitate presenting their work at its very finest.