Great Songs by George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington

For George, Cole and Duke

Projected release date for the CD is 4/7/2015

Projected release date for the CD is 4/7/2015

For George, Cole and Duke Harry Allen Ehud Asherie Nicki Parrott Chuck Redd with Special Guest “Little Johnny” Rivero For George, Cole and Duke was recorded in New York at Michael Brorby’s Acoustic Recording Studio.

Blue Heron Records LLC is proud to have produced, through the generous, unconditional support of many friends, this very first in a series of high quality recordings of America’s musical treasure, jazz. It is our intent to create and leave the planet a legacy, representative of the finest examples of jazz music available. The guiding principle behind this endeavor is “Artistic Integrity First,” our label’s theme. When this concept is extended to the artists at a recording session, the music they make becomes magic! Such was the case in New York, in March of 2014. The chemistry was absolutely incredible among players, engineer, artistic coordinator, and producers.

The sessions were amazing. You will undoubtedly hear and feel the positive energy of that session in this recording. As CEO of Blue Heron Records LLC, I wish to extend a sincere thank you to the following friends who assisted in various ways in support of this project. Without your generosity and love for the arts, the launch of the Blue Heron record label would not have been possible. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My great wife and family. Harry Allen; Ehud Asherie; Nicki Parrott; Chuck Redd; “Little Johnny” Rivero; Mark and Martha Murphy; Scott Edmunds; Agnes and Page Hite; Bob and Jeanne Foskett; Father Bob Tally; Marty Sheller; Merryl Jaye; Derek Sivers; Michael Brorby; Erik Unsworth; Carl Kallansrud; Juliana Sutherland and my special brother Ricky Malichi.

  • Chuck Redd -Producer
  • Michael Brorby -Recording Engineer
  • Helik Hadar – Mastering Engineer
  • Marty Sheller -Special Consultant
  • Scott Edmunds -Artistic Coordinator
  • Michael Francis -Executive Producer
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